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    About Us

    Labtech Ltd has 25 years experience in developing and manufacturing PC-based ambulatory ECG Holters and Resting and Stress Test Systems.

  • ec-3h

    EC-12H 12 channel Holter ECG System

    2,3,12 channel ECG Holter Systems and 3 channel ECG Holter combined with ambulatory blood pressure (ABPM) measurement providing high quality long-term ECG recordings.

  • ec-3h

    EC-12S 12 channel Resting and Stress test ECG System

    Wireless Stress Test ECG combined with blood pressure measurement performed on treadmill or ergometer offers unique and safe patient monitoring.

  • ec-3h

    EC-12RM Cardiospy Mobile for Android 12 channel Resting ECG System

    Telemedicine solutions for any Android or iOS devices forwarding real-time 12 channel ECG signals in emergency cases increasing the efficiency of the treatment.


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