EC-ABP Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System

The EC-ABP is a member of the PC based ECG Holter product family. The diagnostic device operates with rechargeable or alkaline batteries, being suitable for 72-hour BP monitoring.
The EC-ABP is a member of the PC based ECG Holter product family. The diagnostic device operates with rechargeable or alkaline batteries, being suitable for 72-hour BP monitoring. The device computes accurate and comprehensive systolic and diastolic readings, heart rate, mean arterial pressure, BP load and pulse pressure. It provides report generation, editing, and data export-import function. The integrated software can be operated in a network environment with a common database for the entire ECG Holter product family. The software is available with a wide range of languages to choose from.
  • Method of measurement: oscillometry with step deflation
  • Blood Pressure measurement interval: 25 - 260 mmHg
  • Accuracy: ┬▒ 3mmHg
  • PC connection: MIni USB interface; Bluetooth
  • Power supply: 2 X 1.2 V rechargeable batteries
  • Dimensions: 125 X 68 X 32 mm
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Small size, compact built
  • Stores 250 BP measurements, up to 48 hours
  • Interval settings: 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 min.
  • Option for patient event BP measurements
  • Oscillometric method with step deflation
  • Rechargeable batteries for economic operation 
  • Automatic analysis for precise diagnosis
  • Digital signal storage in the solid state memory
  • Precise systole and diastole values
  • Values displayed in tables, pie charts, graphs, histograms
  • Various editing and printing possibilities
  • Simple, user-friendly interface

Cardiospy® Holter Software features

  • Fast record analysis
  • Simple, user friendly software with multiple functions
  • Precise QRS classification and rhythm analysis
  • QRS template classification
  • Arrhythmia analysis, arrhythmia overview
  • Colour coded graphs
  • ST level and slope analysis
  • QT analysis
  • Heart Rate Variability analysis (Time and frequency domain)
  • Heart Rate Turbulence analysis
  • Atrial Fibrillation analysis
  • Microvolt T alternans
  • Pacemaker analysis
  • BP record analysis using multiple computed parameters and graphs
  • Various Holter reports
  • GDT
  • Local, network operation
  • Export, import functions

Quick-check before recording starts
As the recording starts, we can immediately check electrode-skin contact and the quality of ECG signals in the software.

ECG signal filtering to improve signal quality
Using an effective digital filtering technology, there is practically no baseline movement. The smoothing filter removes muscle and network noise components from the signals without distorting QRS complexes.

Saving time with automatic noise detection
There is no need to view or analyse the record more than once to exclude noisy channels or noisy sections from the analysis. The software automatically excludes the noisy sections, saving a significant amount of time.

Channel-selective QRS detection to reduce the number of lost intervals
Due to channel-selective QRS detection, the number of lost intervals will be reduced. In case of multichannel records the QRS detector can select one or more ECG channels for beat detection.

Effective template for high precision in results
It allows for a fast and effective way to check and, if need be, modify QRS types and form classifications. This solution enables a holter record to be evaluated in an average of 5-10 minutes.

Picture New Code No. Old Code No. System's accessories Recorder's accessories Quantity Accessories name
ACC-0SWCD-01 ABP-V5-02 Yes Yes 1 CD with installation software
ACC-0TUBE-01 ABP-V5-15 No No 1 Extended pneumatic tube
BAG-3HABP-02 ABP-V5-10 Yes Yes 1 Recorder bag (EC-ABP V5, EC-3H/ABP V5, attachable to patient's waistbelt)
BAT-00000-02 ABP-V5-06 Yes Yes 4 1.2V Rechargeable batteries (AA)
BEL-00000-01 ABP-V5-11-A Yes Yes 1 Waist belt
BEL-00000-02 ABP-V5-11-B No No 1 Shoulder strap
CAB-00USB-01 ABP-V5-07 Yes No 1 Extension cable for USB-02
CAB-00USB-02 ABP-V5-08 Yes Yes 1 Data transfer cable (USB A- USB miniB)
CAS-00ABP-01 ABP-V5-01 Yes No 1 Case for holding the ambulatory blood pressure system
CHA-0004X-01 ABP-V5-05 Yes Yes 1 Battery charger MAXI
500 500 CUF-00LOC-11 No No 1 BP cuff, Child (12-19cm)
500 500 CUF-00SLOC-21 Yes Yes 1 BP cuff, Adult (17-25cm)
500 500 CUF-00LOC-31 No No 1 BP cuff, Adult Long (23-33cm)
500 500 CUF-00LOC-41 No No 1 BP cuff, Large Adult (31-40cm)
500 500 CUF-00LOC-51 No No 1 BP cuff, Thigh (38-50cm)
500 500 CUF-00SUN-05 No No 1 Disposable ABPM cuff, Child (12-19cm)
500 500 CUF-00SUN-06 No No 1 Disposable ABPM cuff, Small Adult (17-25cm)
500 500 CUF-00SUN-07 No No 1 Disposable ABPM cuff, Adult (23-33cm)
500 500 CUF-00SUN-08 No No 1 Disposable ABPM cuff, Large Adult (31-40cm)
DEV-00ABP-05 ABP-V5-04 Yes Yes 1 EC-ABP ABPM recorder unit (BT)
DEV-0USBA-02 ABP-V5-03 Yes No 1 USB-02/A Bluetooth Interface Unit (rest and stress; holter monitoring)
ELE-00000-02 ABP-V5-13 Yes Yes 1 Single-use electrodes for cuff fixing
PAD-00000-01 ABP-V5-14 Yes No 1 Mouse pad
USR-00000-01 ABP-V5-09-A Yes No 1 Installation and Update Guide
USR-00000-03 ABP-V5-09-B Yes No 1 User manual for ABP recorders

*The manufacturer maintains the right to change at any time.