EC-12S 12 channel Resting and Stress test ECG System

The EC-12S Stress Test System has all the characteristics of our EC-12R and EC-12R/S devices, but it also offers built-in auscultation blood pressure measurement.
The EC-12S Stress Test System has all the characteristics of our EC-12R and EC-12R/S devices, but it also offers built-in auscultation blood pressure measurement. Connected to the PC, the device display sampling and ECG curves with high precision, automatically loads controls, and monitors HR, ST, ABP, MET, etc. parameters. The user-friendly analyzing software enables efficient and reliable measurement. It is capable of exporting, importing and archiving records.
  • ECG channels: 12 simultaneous
  • Sampling rate: 1000 Hz
  • A/D resolution: 16 bit
  • Frequency response: 0.05-150 Hz
  • PC connection: Wireless Bluetooth
  • Power supply: 2 X 1,2 V rechargeable batteries
  • Size: 125 X 68 X 32 mm
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Built-in expert system to give precise diagnosis
  • Small size, compact build
  • Alarm to detect electrode falling off
  • Treadmill, Ergometer or Master Step based diagnostic exercise
    measurement system
  • Integrated resting and stress test ECG software with database management

Cardiospy® Rest and Stress Test Software features:

  • Simple, user friendly software with multiple functions
  • Precise QRS classification
  • Built-in expert system
  • Short and long resting ECG record
  • BP measurement based on auscultation method
  • Color-coded ST level, slope and ST loop graphs
  • MET - VO2 computation
  • HR, BP, load, MET graphs
  • Various printable reports
  • Customizable alarm and stop criteria
  • Ergometer and Treadmill database
  • Comparing measurements
  • Local and network operation
  • Export and import functions

Monitoring patient with continuous recording
Besides conventional or short-term resting ECG records, you can also make records lasting several hours.

Ergometer and Treadmill database
Besides 17 ergometer and 18 treadmill built-in protocols, the software also contains Master-Step and Walking Test. All protocols have been tested.

ECG Filtering to improve signal quality
Using an effective digital filtering technology, there is practically no baseline movement. The smoothing filter removes muscle and network noise components from the signals without distorting QRS complexes.

Reducing the number of faulty readings by synchronizing BP measurements
Defining blood pressure by QRS gate method effectively reduces the number of faulty measurements. Due to the integration, there is no QRS synchronic “slip”, so even in case of high heart frequency no such problem will occur.

Emergency stop when the patient feels discomfort or dizziness during continuous monitoring
In case a patient feels discomfort or dizziness during a stress test, monitoring can be extended up to 60 minutes with ST trends and blood pressure monitoring.

Picture New Code No. Code No. Included Quantity Accessory name
ACC-0SWCD-01 12RS-V5-02 Yes 1 CD with installation software
ACC-0TUBE-01 ABP-V5-15 No 1 Extended pneumatic tube
500 500 ACC-BLADD-01 No 1 Bladder Child 12-19cm
500 500 ACC-BLADD-02 No 1 Bladder Small Adult 18-27cm
500 500 ACC-BLADD-03 No 1 Bladder Adult 25-35cm
500 500 ACC-BLADD-04 No 1 Bladder Adult+ 33-40cm
500 500 ACC-BLADD-05 No 1 Bladder Adult++ 39-46cm
ACC-CLAMP-01 12RS-V5-20 No 1 Cable clamp
500 500 ACC-CUFF-01 No 1 Cuff outer Child 12-19cm
500 500 ACC-CUFF-02 No 1 Cuff outer Small Adult 18-27cm
500 500 ACC-CUFF-03 No 1 Cuff outer Adult 25-35cm
500 500 ACC-CUFF-04 No 1 Cuff outer Adult+ 33-40cm
500 500 ACC-CUFF-05 No 1 Cuff outer Adult++ 39-46cm
500 500 ACC-KOMIC-01 No 1 Extended pneumatic tube (1m) + Korrotkoff Microphone
BAG-012RS-02 12RS-V5-05-B Yes 1 Recorder bag (EC-12R, EC-12RS, EC-12S, wireless)
BAG-012RS-03 12RS-V5-05-C No 1 Recorder bag with mechanical fastener
BAG-012RS-04 12RS-V5-17 Yes 1 Patient cable bag
BAT-00000-02 12RS-V5-08 Yes 4 1.2V Rechargeable batteries (AA)
BEL-00000-01 12RS-V5-06 Yes 1 Waist belt
CAB-00L12-05 12RS-V5-09-C Yes 1 12 CH standard patient cable (HDMI-Snap connector)
CAB-00L12-06 12RS-V5-09-B No 1 12 CH standard patient cable (HDMI-Banana connector)
CAB-00QRS-01 12RS-V5-19 No 1 TTL output cable (QRS Pulse)
CAB-00SUC-01 12RS-V5-18 No 1 Interface cable for suction electrodes
CAB-00USB-01 12RS-V5-13 Yes 1 Extension cable for USB-02
CAB-00USB-03 12RS-V5-12-B Yes 1 PC USB cable, 5m (USB A - USB B)
CAB-00USB-06 12RS-V5-16 Yes 1 USB-SIO cable (USB A - D-SUB, for ergometer, treadmill)
CAS-012RS-01 12RS-V5-01 Yes 1 Case for holding the rest and stress system
CHA-0004X-01 12RS-V5-07 Yes 1 Battery charger MAXI
CUF-00LAC-11 LAC-1.1 No 1 Stress BP cuff, Child (12-19cm)
CUF-00LAC-21 LAC-2.1 No 1 Stress BP cuff, Small Adult (18-27cm)
CUF-00LAC-31 LAC-3.1 Yes 1 Stress BP cuff, Adult (25-35cm)
CUF-00LAC-41 LAC-4.1 No 1 Stress BP cuff, Adult+ (33-40cm)
CUF-00LAC-51 LAC-5.1 No 1 Stress BP cuff, Adult++ (39-46cm)
DEV-0012S-05 12RS-V5-04-C Yes 1 EC-12S ECG/BP recorder unit (BT)
DEV-0USBA-02 12RS-V5-03-A Yes 1 USB-02/A Bluetooth Interface Unit (rest and stress; holter monitoring)
ELE-00000-01 12RS-V5-11 Yes 1 Single-use ECG electrodes
ELE-CHEST-01 12RS-V5-10-B No 1 Adult chest electrodes (1 pack / 6 pcs)
ELE-CLAMP-01 12RS-V5-10-A No 1 Adult clamp electrodes (1 pack / 4 pcs)
USR-00000-01 12RS-V5-15-A Yes 1 Installation and Update Guide
USR-00000-04 12RS-V5-15-B Yes 1 User manual for rest and stress systems
PAD-00000-01 12RS-V5-21 Yes 1 Mouse pad

*The manufacturer maintains the right to change at any time.