At Labtech Ltd. we strongly believe that a successful business does not end with selling a product. It is very important for us to provide our customers with excellent product support in order to be surrounded by satisfied customers even years after the purchase.

We provide the following services order to achieve our goal:

Two years of product guarantee
Labtech Ltd. takes responsibility for 24 months of guarantee period free of charge on its premises. Our company also provides our customers with technical support and spare parts enabling them to manage the service of simple breaking downs.

Free software updates
Our software engineers are working day after day to create a highly intuitive and easy to use software without any compromises to help the everyday work of cardiologists and their assistants. Apart from the continuous simplification of user interfaces it is important for us to introduce the profession’s most recent developments as well.
We provide free and frequent software updates to all of our products.

Extra fast customer service
Our current clients - may they be our contracted distributors, doctors or assistants - have already experienced that we always strive to answer every letter or inquiry at the shortest time possible. In most cases this means one or two hours’ time, but in general we can state that we answer to every inquiry within a day. For inquiries within Hungary we provide technical support in person, and we have several effective methods for providing quick solutions for our remote clients as well. Should you have any questions to us, please contact us in one of the possibilities.

Free training possibilities
Our practice proved that our PC based ECG Systems require a certain level of proficiency in the field of cardiology. Our aim is to give as much practical information about our products to our distributors as we can to ensure smooth operation of the devices. That is why we offer free product demonstrations to our partners at the headquarters of our company at given intervals.