I. Standard warranty conditions of Labtech Ltd.

Labtech Ltd. takes responsibility of the 36 months warranty for the recorders (for products delivered after 1st May, 2021), 12 months warranty for the accessories. The warranty does not apply to disposable parts (such as disposable electrodes). The warranty time starts from the date of the issued invoice to the Distributor.

  • This guarantee is provided only in case of proper and purposeful usage of the devices.
  • No warranty is assumed for damage arising due to improper use or natural wear and tear. The proper use is defined in the operating instructions and, in the case of medical equipment, as part of the technical and specialist instructions.
  • No warranty is extended to any product that has been altered or modified in any way.
  • No warranty is extended to any product that has been misused, or damaged.

The delivery expenses during the warranty period will be shared (50-50%) between the two parties: local Distributor covers the transportation to Hungary, Labtech Ltd. covers the transportation back the Distributor.

In case of products out of warranty conditions the cost of repairing and service expenses during the service period have to be covered by Distributor. The prices will be defined taking into the consideration the standard distributor spare parts price plus the current standard hourly service rate. In case the faulty devices are sent back to the Labtech Ltd. without a completed service sheet or detailed information about the defect a cost of investigation of 50 EUR/USD will be added to the cost of service.

II. Extended warranty conditions of Labtech Ltd.

Warranty extension
+1 year (so 4 years in total)* for 6% of the total value of the requested device
+2 year (so 5 years in total)* for 15 % of the total value of the requested device
+3 year (so 6 years in total)* for 24% of the total value of the requested device

* Extended warranty can be used only for devices. Accessories are not included in this offer.

Conditions of the extended warranty:

  • The original purchase order has to include the request for the extended warranty.
  • After the delivery it is impossible to apply for the extended warranty.
  • The extended warranty fee will be billed at the moment of purchase.
  • Conditions of the extended warranty are exactly the same as for the regular warranty.